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Grassroots is Voted Top Creative Agency in Dubai by ‘Dubai is Best’ Blog

A key factor in becoming a successful creative agency is having a strong team with a mix of expertise and years of experience. In May 2021, Grassroots was proudly named as one of the best creative agencies in Dubai in the ‘Dubai is Best’ blog. The blog selected 6 agencies that have been successful in what they do for different reasons.

Certain agencies focus on marketing in particular parts of the world, for example, the Middle East and Africa, or more specifically the UAE. Others focus on particular services such as website design or specializing in certain types of industries. Grassroots was recognized as a company with clientele all over the world, including international and local brands. Grassroots was also acknowledged for offering a wide range of services from Social Media Management to Social Auditing and Reporting, as well as offering professional photography and video production services.  

So why was Grassroots listed in the top 6 best creative agencies in Dubai?

Grassroots was established by a team of digital and creative expertise with a vision of using these skills to become a modern, enthusiastic agency that understands the emerging trends in marketing. We are well aware of the importance of social media marketing and how this can help grow brands. For example, we work closely with influencers and have established strategies on how to use them as a powerful marketing tool. A social media manager helps brands source the best influencer for their platform considering their target audience and business objectives. With a strong belief that no two clients are the same, Grassroots spend time getting to know each brand before starting a new project, as well as offering a free strategy call in order to take the best approach for each business. It is important to have a strong understanding of the brand you are working within able to recognize their wants and needs and identify their core objectives. 

Why choose Grassroots?

Our love for what we do comes from a place of passion for creativity and striking content.

As a creative agency, we strive to create and develop new content for brands in order to maximize their profitability – by turning clicks into sales. We help brands stand out and increase their brand awareness. Our main aim is to boost our client’s online presence and ensure they reach maximum engagement on a daily basis, which in turn will increase sales and profit. Our strategic marketing approach will grow your business and guarantee a drive-in website traffic. Here at Grassroots, we love what we do and our goal is to help showcase brands to the best of our ability to increase engagement and enhance their online presence.


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