Influencer Management

Influencer Management

Influencers help build brand credibility.

The power of influencer marketing is undeniable. Tapping into the highly engaged audience of an influencer is a marketing strategy more and more companies are adopting. Here at Grassroots we are here to supply the best influencer management platform for your business.

Be Our Influencer


Your Social Media Manager will work with you to establish your objectives for the influencer campaign. Using our expertise and experience, we can advise which social platforms we should be targeting and how. Considering your target audience and objectives, we’ll search for the perfect influencers for your influencer campaign. The strategy and influencers for your campaign are sent to you for approval before we start.


We use a state-of-the-art influencer management tool that allows us to source out the best influencers for your business and platform. Then we can verify these influencers to ensure that you are receiving the best, and finally we manage them in terms of posting for your platform.


Once the perfect influencers are identified, we will contact them to discuss the upcoming influencer campaign. To make your life easier, we negotiate, manage and pay the fees paid to the influencers used for your campaign. We will work with the influencers to ensure the content they create to complement the strategy of the campaign, including any associated hashtags. When the creatives produced by your influencers go live; we monitor it in real-time to ensure everything goes seamlessly.

Every influencer has their own engaged audience, from micro to macro scale, providing brands with a platform to earn attention and inspire action.

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